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My goals

To do 2010

43 things

Try 100 new recipes (3/100)
Read 50 books (6/50)
Improve my spanish
Learn german
1)Lose 10 pounds
(2)Lose 20 pounds
(3)Lose 30 pounds
Get a new wardrobe
Get clear skin
Get toned
Walk the dogs daily
Get my rabbit Bunny a friend
Build a lovely home for Bunny
Update all my undergarments
Buy/wear a bikini
Fit into my favorite jeans
Get a job
Sell an item on etsy
Enroll in school
built a loft bed
Get rid of all clutter
Make/get a new bedset
Paint walls
Hang pictures
Fix my laptop
Stop collecting crap
Get new light fixture
Meet new people
Make new friends
Make a penpal
Go on a date
Swim in a lake
Drive in the city/downtown
Sing karokee
Talk to a stranger
Go to a fleamarket
Climb a tree
Go to the beach
Swim in a public pool

-Not in order
-Will add more later

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